Traditional Insulation

At Pacific Attic Insulation we offer tradition blown-in insulation to provide an added layer of protection to your home or business. Insulation options such as fiberglass, cellulose and mineral wood insulation can help you save on your heating and cooling expenses.

• Fiberglass insulation creates a fire-resistant barrier inside your home that can help slow the spread of deadly flames. Fiberglass insulation also creates a barrier between the interior of your home and the outside elements which help prevent heat loss.
• Cellulose insulation is made from plant fiber and can insulate walls, attics, and roofs, it can be blown directly into your attic and walls and has the added benefit of being resistant to mold. Cellulose insulation can reduce the amount of heat gain or loss within your home and can improve energy efficiency by reducing your energy bills.
• Mineral wool insulation is used in many homes and commercial buildings and can create an efficient barrier between the interior of the building and the external elements greatly improving your home or office’s energy efficiency.

Spray Foam Insulation

What Is Spray Foam?
Spray foam is a revolutionary, spray-in-place soft foam insulation used in residential and commercial buildings. Spray foam is an air barrier system that is specifically designed to seal walls, floors and ceilings against non-beneficial air flow including redundant spaces around electrical outlets and light fixtures, baseboards and around windows and doors. What does this mean for your home? Outside air is unable to enter through walls and cause drafts or hot or cold spots. It can also keep humid interior air away from your walls where it can cause condensation

What Are the Benefits of Spray Foam?
Creating an air barrier with spray foam will improve energy efficiency including your cooling systems to help beat the summer heat. Spay foam helps eliminate heat and air which would otherwise by lost through air leakage, saving your hard earned $$$. Spray foam is environmentally friendly and a great way to go green within your home. Many homes are damaged by condensation and mold growth potentially caused by water damage and air leakage. Spray Foam will reduce air leakage and minimize airborne moisture which is often the cause of mold and decay, and in turn will extend the lifespan of your home. It can also reduce ambient noise from cars, trucks and weather and minimize interior noise from plumbing etc. Pollutants and allergens are kept to a minimum by trapping particles in its continuous air barrier protecting your family from the associated health risks caused by dust and other allergens.

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